Our Goal

Our Goal is to make the best out of even a mediocre student, while providing high class guidance and real MCA Entrance Examinations level materials to students who prepare for MCA Entrance Examinations exclusively. Thus our goal is to accord real help to the student in a manner that he may be able to achieve his own goal in the life ahead. Out faith lay in the motto practice and patience makes a man perfect. So we make our students work on the following pattern in the classroom.

  • Clearing the basic principles and building a firm foundation of the topic.
  • Solving simple questions in the beginning.
  • After that, increasing the level of the questions slowly to the MCA Entrance Examinations level.
  • Finally, making the students practice consistently on all available questions.

Practicing throughout the year, chapter after chapter, makes the student capable and conf ident enough to solve questions during MCA Entrance Examinations.

NIMS Kanpur does not give any degree or diploma of MCA. It provides coaching to the students and prepares them to compete in the Entrance Examinations of MCA held by various Universities. It does not under take any guarantee to the students to provide any degree from any university. Its main aim is to prepare students to take MCA Entrance Examinations.

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